yaLTA 0.1
Prepare your lists, then use Copy and Paste to insert two lists A and B into the Listarea on this page.
Load each list with its button and compare the lists to find hits and misses or common ground.
Each line should start with a valid date. You can set the date format here.
Each list should start with a title line, eg: Title=Trader's Name
You can load the result for further computations or copy it to an editor and save as a new file..

Caveat Emptor


Warning: It's my first try at this language, so this is a rather in-expert example of javascript.
Nothing here to learn from, except my faults!
So: Best you don't even read it, just check if it runs!
    Known bugs and shortcomings:
  1. All dashes are converted to slashes
  2. All greater signs are converted to apersand-gt-semicolons
  3. Lists must have the same date format
  4. Longer lists take a lot of time to process
  5. The output seems to have non PC linefeeds
  6. Duplicte dates are not recognized
  7. your turn..
My 2do list: // find // location and artist // include homelist(s)
suggestions welcome